What's in our gear? Find out below!

Air Guard

Airguard® is a durable, yet, soft and lightweight fabric that is easy to care for and keeps its shape even after repeated washings. It is 20% lighter than normal Polyamide 6 and Polyamide 6.6, and lighter than polyester. Its unique air hole feature keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Air Lock

7 ounces of insulation per square yard. Made of high memory, supple polyester fibers that are quilted to either a nylon or fleece inner liner that retains its thickness and performance after many wash/dry cycles.


A high-performance, super-durable fabric that is perfect for outerwear, activewear, luggage, and equipment. Since Cordura® is twice as durable as standard nylon, it is also resistant to abrasions, tears, and scuffs.


With FWP, an advanced waterproof/breathable system, you can rest assured that you will stay warm and dry.


HIPORA® developed by Kolon has solved the biggest problem inherent in the conventional waterproof film. It has 4 seemingly contrary characteristics of moisture permeability, water resistance, breathability and water repellency. HIPORA® has the secret in unique polyurethane coating technology. They shut out the water from outside, but allow the moisture or warm steam from the body to go out leaving the wearer feeling comfortable and dry.


HITENA™, is a high technology material innovation which is used for protective equipment/clothing. HITENA™ is made from a mixture of technical polyamide fibers, which ensure great long-term resistance against wear, tear and dirt. It is known for its super durable and long-lasting qualities. It has a breathable coating which protects the body in extreme weather conditions.


Hollofill II by Dupont, is a patented blend of four-hole fibers for insulation that provides greater warmth without added weight. It is designed to be compact and soft, yet resilient, providing softer insulation that conforms to body shape for greater comfort.


Hydro Barrier waterproofing system begins with a durable, waterproof outer shell that strengthens the integrity of the barrier by sealing the seams and/or inserting a waterproof membrane.

IVS - Integrated Ventilation System

IVS is the only system that combines superior water resistance and maximum breathability. It has infinite adjustability allowing the wearer precise airflow control to adjust to the changing temperatures throughout the day allowing fresh dry air to exchange with humid air to keep the garment warm and dry.


REISSA®, a functional fabric with a breathable membrane, is an advanced textile with a highly developed polyurethane resin coating or membrane. This technology makes it possible for an extremely thin waterproof coating that is lightweight for wearing comfort, yet, extremely durable to outdoor sports conditions.


Thermolite® offers lightweight insulation designed for cold weather warmth. Dupont takes insulation technology to a higher level for an insulation engineered to give more warmth with less bulk. Dupont® Thermolite® offers enhanced softness, more warmth than down when wet, and exceptional durability after repeated washings.